My dalish warden from #dragonage #brushpen

by mandersdraws


I decided to keep one of my little sketchbooks in my apron at work. Here are some of my favorite doodles from the first couple weeks at Richard’s

So I got dragon age: origins during the steam summer sale, and I’m like 4 years late to the fandom, but here, have a Morrigan

I haven’t just posted a sketch in a while and i’m between requests right now, so I decided to just draw something for me C:

agentayu said:

King Kazma from Summer Wars. Palette #8.

Color Scheme Requests!

One of the things I’m trying to work on as an artist is a faster turnaround, when I do requests and paintings in general. So I’m trying to let some things go that I would normally spend a couple hours repainting (*´∀`*)

Anyways, this was fun to make. I do hope I didn’t go too overboard with the muscles though (sorry!!!)


Painting with @yuena #painting #art #skyrim